About F.A.S.T.

The Fallbrook Associated Swim Team (F.A.S.T.) is a year-round competitive aquatic program offering coaching to athletes of all abilities: novice to national qualifiers.  F.A.S.T. is a chartered member of United States Swimming (USA Swimming), the San Diego Imperial Local Swim Commitee (LSC), USA Waterpolo, USA Diving and AAU Diving.


F.A.S.T.'s competitive aquatic program allows each individual to reach their maximum potential.  We are dedicated to fostering good habits that include self discipline, individual organization, responsibility, dedication and commitment.  F.A.S.T. also fosters good sportsmanship by demonstrating courtesy, team support, honesty and respect.

Coaching Staff

Sean P Redmond

Head Coach & Aquatics Director 


E-mail: seanmary@aol.com

Phone: 760-728-9244

Dean Preglar

Assistant Coach: Age Group



Phone:  760-917-3483


Aeriel Poorman

Assistant Coach: Novice Group






President:          Sean Redmond

Vice-President:  Janet Dubnansky

Secretary:         Diana Mannino

Treasurer:         Mary Redmond

Members at

   Large:             Katie Draves

                          Lisa Harrison

                          Sal Paldino